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The constant search for its ideals, made Grupo Proeng SA the second company in the state to receive the ISO 9001 Certificate. This merit occurred in 1998 through the Norwegian certifier Det Norske Veritas (DET). In 2003, with the revision of the standard, we received the ISO 9001: 2000 certificate. Currently we are Level A certified in the Brazilian Program of Quality and Productivity of Habitat known in the civil construction market by the abbreviation PBQP-H and in the ISO 9001: 2008 standard.

Today we develop our quality system which has in its objectives to generate more and more quality and credibility to the products and services offered.


The Proeng Eco and Proeng Tecno seals were created to reaffirm Grupo Proeng S.A. commitment to offering environmentally friendly products and technologies that aim to make life easier for people residing in a Proeng property.

Our goal is always to continue with great determination, fighting not only for the conquest of new customers, but mainly, for the certainty of each of them, that the Proeng brand is a guarantee of satisfaction and quality.


Teamwork with health and safety, improving our quality every day and respecting the environment to build the best properties, aiming at the satisfaction of our customers.