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Village Park Residencial

Itaparica Beach, Vila Velha

  • 57 a 60m2
  • 2
  • 2
  • 1

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2 rooms with suites and up to 2 parking spaces.

Equipped and decorated leisure:

Beach Point;
Gourmet Grill;
Fitness center;
Swimming pool and wet deck;
Sauna with integrated pool;
Toy room;
Party room;
Gourmet space with pizza oven;
Bathroom PNE Man and Woman;


Property Name: Village Park Residential
Number of floors: 15 floors
Description of Flooring: Ground floor, garage pilotis, 10 types, lower duplex and upper duplex.
Number of unidads: 88, of which 84 with 2 rooms with suites and 4 duplex penthouse.
Number of Garage Spots: 92 vacancies.

Areas of the Apartments:

Column 01: 59.32m²
Column 02: 60.41m²
Column 03: 59.43m²
Column 04: 60m²
Column 05: 57.96m²
Column 06: 59.28m²
Column 07: 57.98m²
Column 08: 60.03m²

Apt 1401 (Duplex Penthouse): 151,11m²
Apt 1403 (Duplex Penthouse): 151,22m²
Apt 1405 (Duplex Penthouse): 135,00m²
Apt 1407 (Duplex Penthouse): 135,02m²

Leisure area: 275m²

Leisure Items: Beach Point, Gourmet Grill with BBQ, Fitness, Pool and Wet Deck, Sauna with Integrated Pool, Toy Room, Party Room, Gourmet Space with Pizza Oven, W.C. PNE Man, W.C. PNE Woman, Deposit


Option with gourmet balcony *

Preparation for Split in the rooms.

Complete leisure equipped and decorated.

Proeng Eco: various items that reduce its impact both in construction and in the day to day life of the residents.

Privileged Location: in a region full of facilities and facilities with supermarkets, schools, pharmacies, bakery, restaurants, bars, banking and financial agencies, gas station, squares and leisure.

*Gourmet balcony option consists of hydraulic and electric facilities, sewer collection point as well as sink (tub), faucet, granite countertop and 01 (one) electric grill.

Proeng ECO

  • Point of reuse of rainwater;
  • Garbage collection;
  • Bike sharing;
  • Waste management of building materials;
  • Water-based paints;
  • Air conditioning water collection for use in common areas;
  • Individual water measurement;
  • Sensor presence in the Hall and Garages;
  • Thermal comfort: preparation for split rooms;
  • Sanitary basin with intelligent discharge;
  • LED lights in common areas;
  • Faucet with automatic closing in common areas;
  • Shower with automatic closing in the swimming pool.

Proeng TECNO

  • Intelligent lifts with TKVISION system, which controls and monitors, through a unique software, the elevator assembly.
  • Automated garage;
  • Pressurized smoke-proof ladder.

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