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Itapoã Evidence

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Itapoã Evidence has 40 units distributed in 14 floors. There are 2 options of plants, being 2 bedroom apartments with a suite, living room, balcony (gourmet balcony option), social bathroom, kitchen, laundry area.



Project: Itapoã Evidence.

Location: Rua Guanabara, nº 1104, Lotes 02 e 03, Quadra M – Itapoã – Vila Velha – ES.

Realization: Proeng Construtora e Incorporadora Ltda.

Project’s author: Regina Cardoso Morandi.

Typology: 40 units of 2 bedrooms with suite.

Floors total number: 14 floors.

Number of floors for private use: 10 floors.

Number of private units: 40 units.

Number of parking vacancies: 49 vacancies.

Area of ​the units:Apt. from 65.60m² to 110.54m².

Land area: 639.10m².


Excellent location in Itapoã;

Complete leisure area on the penthouse with total privacy (Party Room, Gourmet Space, Swimming Pool, Wet Deck, Barbecue, Toyroom and Uncovered Square);

Sol da Manhã;

Delivered with cabinets (kitchen, social bathroom, bathroom suite and bedroom suite);

1 or 2 parking vacancies;

Gourmet Balcony option;

Secure investment to live and to rent.

Construction Progress

Follow the whole construction process of your enterprise.

Last update: 27/09/2016

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